Team Information

The core idea for Fog City FC is pretty simple: play the game that you love, no matter your skill level, and do it with friends.

fcfcFor many of us in the Sounders FC community and Fog City Faithful, a love of the sport helped us grow in our home away from home. We were able to find a bond, and embrace our diversity of backgrounds. Over the years, our group has grown and become it’s own little community – a slice of Seattle in a strange land. We are a familiar face for traveling Seattleites and newcomers to the sport alike.

The goal of FC FC is to grow the love of the sport, of Sounders FC, and to expand our community. We take our inspiration from ECS FC, the organization formed by Emerald City Supporters that now has 308 players of all skill levels across 13 teams. They expanded and enhanced their community and brought people together to form the largest amateur soccer organization in the Pacific Northwest.

FC FC doesn’t have such lofty goals, but we still want to continue to build this community. Join and help us do just that.